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Motorcycle Financing Program

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The 3asy Ride program is a special program offered by BMW Motorcycles for dedicated motorcycle owners who want to own the newest BMW models but not pay the newest BMW cost to own. The BMW 3asy Ride program lets you have that brand new bike you’ve been dreaming about but with lower monthly payments than you might otherwise pay. Keep reading to learn more.

3asy Ride Financing

This financing option is a retail installment sales contract with payments that increase over time. That means you can get lower monthly payments to begin. Consider the 3asy Ride 48-month plan: You’ll pay only a partial value of the bike with lower payments than you would otherwise pay. At the end of the 48 months, you can trade in your bike for a new BMW motorcycle. Sounds like a slammin’ deal right? There are even more benefits.

When you choose 3asy Ride financing, you’ll also get the added benefits of a flexible end-of-term option, 30 days from signing to your first payment, and an optional zero down payment depending on your financial situation.

Is 3asy Ride Right for Me?

This exclusive financing program from BMW Motorcycle is an incredible opportunity for you to get the newest BMW bike without paying the high price of ownership. This is an excellent situation for buyers who would already be getting a new bike every couple years.

It’s also a great choice for those who might not otherwise be able to afford a new bike but who may have been shopping for a used bike instead. With the lower monthly payment, you can afford more BMW for your buck.

How Do I Sign Up?

If you’re thinking that the BMW 3asy Ride Program is the right fit for you and your financial and BMW ownership goals, fill out our secure and confidential online financing application. Let us know you’re interested in 3asy Ride and we’ll get started on the process.

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The other way to get started is to check out our inventory and schedule a test drive of the BMW Motorcycle you’re most excited about.