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Something Wicked: M1000 RR


How do you improve on the legend, the originator? When you are the bar…how do you raise it? By sweating the details.

To improve on the 205hp/83tq already being pumped out by the standard S1000 RR, BMW Motorrad enlisted the assistance of the fabled M division for the first time in history. BMW M’s long-standing history and experience in motorsports meant a focus on losing weight and reducing friction within the 999cc inline 4-cylinder. As a result, horsepower increases to 212hp with redline reaching a stratospheric 15,100rpms. Torque mildly increases to 83.4tq and peaks at 11,000rpms. With enough space, top speed is now a reported 189mph and 60mph arrives in 3 seconds from rest.

Inside the engine, titanium connecting rods are lighter, rocker arms are narrower, and the airbox feed is shorter. For a shorter final drive, the rear sprocket gains a tooth and for greater stability, the wheel base has been lengthened. The new exhaust is full titanium and supplied by fabled manufacturer and long-time partner, Akrapovic. Monoblock M Brake calipers are anodized blue and provide superb clamping force and fade resistance. Spec the M Competition package for the M Endurance Chain and an aluminum swingarm for another 220 grams of weight savings. Aluminum-milled brake & clutch levers and rear sets are anodized blue, shave off a few more grams and provide better grip and adjustable foot positioning. The Carbon Package adds additional flare. Overall, the M1000 RR tips the scales at 423lbs with all fluids.

When it comes to aerodynamics, those carbon fiber front winglets are 100% functional, providing  up to 35lbs of downforce at 189mph. The high windscreen provides increased rider protection from the elements, allowing the M1000 RR to cut through the air with less resistance. In others words, less resistance means more efficient use of power.

The strongest, most powerful letter in the world, M, has finally arrived at BMW Motorrad.

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